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Why Several Have Strong Believe on Conspiracy Theories

Why many people have strong believe on Conspiracy Theories

In this technology and internet age, everyone uses to interact with several conspiracy theories and they may be short or long termed. Michael Barkun, a political scientist, defines the conspiracy theory. According to him “the universe ruled by design and symbolizes on three principles.” Those principles are: nothing happens accidentally, nothing is as it looks and everything is linked.

According to Prof Joe Uscinski, an author of American Conspiracy theories, these theories are far-off from a new phenomenon. They have been a constant hum in the background for about last hundred years. Cambridge University research found several Britons ticked a box in 2015 when showed with a list of only five theories. These theories state that there should be an existence of a secret group that has control over world events, to interact with aliens.

A psychologist at Goldsmith’s, University of London Prof Chris French says that,

  • Pizzagate: It is a false theory which reveals how conspiracy theories spread.
  • Either these theories are a reason to destroy democracy.
  • How to know an approach is conspires.
  • QAnon: Conspiracy theory of pro-Trump

Some Conspiracy Theories

1. Musicians Avril Lavigne, Beyonce, and Paul McCartney all have faced rumors that clones swapped them.

2. The Moon landings were fake is also a theory that prompted thorough explanations denying the claims.

3. It is also a theory that there is a ghostly group named Illuminati is controlling the world whereas, politicians and celebrities are its members.

We need to know the psychology behind these conspiracy theories if we want to understand the conspiracy of shadowy forces which are controlling the worldwide political events.

Prof French expresses on it that “We are perfect at identifying regularities and patterns. However, occasionally we overplay that – we thought that we see significance and meaning when it isn’t there.”

Furthermore, he also expressed that “Also we suppose that when anything happens, it occurs because something or someone made it happen for a purpose.”

Basically, we faced certain coincidences around huge events, and afterward, we create a story from them. And that story turns into a conspiracy theory as it consists of baddies and goodies, the concluding becomes the reason for all the happenings we don’t like.

Blame Game towards Politicians

Vanderbilt University’s political scientist Prof Larry Bartels says that in our surroundings we see some terrible events and we frequently blame politicians either those events are out of their control. He further added, “People will blindly punish or reward their government for bad or good times without any strong understanding of how or whether their policies have an impact on those consequences.” Prof Bartels said that there is no cost for him to be incorrect about his political views. That’s why these conspiracy theories come and go in our daily life. However, why also conspiracy will always be a little or significant part of the stories we express about political events.

7 Years Old Lionel Messi Afghani fan is on Taliban’s Target

Seven Years Old Afghan Lionel Messi fan is on Taliban’s Target

Murtaza Ahmadi a 7-year-old boy wearing an Argentine football shirt in a picture for showing his love for Lionel Messi got viral in Jan 2016. Kid’s shirt has the appearance of a white and blue striped plastic bag having Messi’s number and name on the back carved in a pen, got the child meeting with his celeb, a signed football, and two autographed shirts after 11 months.

Now, three years later Ahmadi himself becomes a celebrity because he now known worldwide due to his famed pictures with Lionel Messi. Unfortunately, at this time he didn’t want that people may not know him and he is on the run.

History of Ahmadi and Current Threat from Taliban

Basically, Ahmadi is an Afghan National, and he is a citizen of a country where the Taliban are in power even after the US-Afghan continues-war. The young boy’s trouble actually starts after his short visit to Qatar to meet his hero. In November, the Taliban attacked the Jaghori district in Province Ghazni of Afghanistan where the boy grew up. Ahmadi shares his terror with CNN that the Taliban were killing his relatives and searching their houses. They might stop cars and buses and kill their passengers, penetrating homes and killing people.

Ahmadi added he and his friends not allowed by the  to play football and even go out of the house. They use to hear the scream of people, the sound of Kalashnikovs, rockets and heavy machine guns while staying at home.

Shafiqa, the mother of Ahmadi, scared of his fame and said that he became a target for threats from the Taliban. She further added that from the first very day when his son got fame, life became difficult for them and their family. Moreover, she said that not only the Taliban even several other people start thinking that his son awarded a lot of money by Messi. Due to that situation, they scared and stopped sending their son to school for the reason that they got many threatened messages day and night.

Last Meeting of Ahmadi with his Father

After that situation, Ahmadi requested his mother to migrate anywhere else from Jaghori. So, his father helped Ahmadi and his mother Shafiqa to move their nearby city Bamyan. As said by a young boy he saw his father last time when they came there. The reason behind this is that his father came back after he shifted them to this place. He has only an option to talk his father on call whenever he calls his mother, and he is missing his dad very much.

Later, Shafiqa and his son approached towards the capital of Afghanistan, Kabul. And now they hide their self among many other refugees. Even now, she doesn’t feel safe and has a fear that someone might kidnap her son for his son’s label of contact to millionaire Messi. She wished that it was better for them that her son might not get fame as their lives are now at risk. In the last Shafiqa is requesting his son’s hero that they need his help to leave their country to switch towards save place. She appeal‘s Messi that he help his son to leave their homeland for Murtaza’s better future. Afterward, international media and social media gives a lot of coverage to this family’s request so that it may be caught noticed by Lionel Messi.

It’s Become Impossible for Chinese Couple to afford more than One Child

Chinese Couples cannot afford more than one child

Chen Huijuan was spending a happy and comfortable life before her son birth, as she used to share her clothing, skincare products and socialize with her friends happily. Currently, due to her financial issues, she even falters to purchase a new outfit. Chen earning in a month is about 5,000 Yuan ($730), and she is serving as a teacher in high school. Whereas her husband’s income in a month is about 16,000 Yuan ($2500) besides he is working with an American company for the sales department.

Variation Between the Income and Child Expense

Bringing up two years old son, Xiyan, Chen and her husband spend a minimum third part of their annual income. However, if we compare the same stationed family with the United States, it costs a fifth of their yearly salary to raise a single child.

The current financial status of Chen reflects the complications facing lots of middle-class families all-over China. That is the main reason due to which Communist party, the ruling party in China is struggling to raise the country’s birth rate. According to Huijuan, she is unable to afford a second child due to all their financial status and expenditures of their first child.

In 2016, the ruling party enforced its controversial and savagely violent one-child policy that’s why couples limited to a single child. The officials and Beijing were not expecting the policy’s result. According to the National Bureau of Statistics in 2018, the birth growth rate slowed by about 15.23 million as it has a decline of 2 million from the year 2017.

Early in 2017 according to a study over fifty percent of families in China have seriously no intention of having a second child and the reason behind this was the expense and cost they are facing. Likely Chen, as she expressed that she will never have thought of a second child because it is much expensive for her family.

Conflict of China in Economic Growth and Workforce

The ruling party is facing a severe problem that they are focusing on their economic growth, but they are struggling due to the workforce reduction. In 2017, official figures revealed that over 240 million Chinese were more than 60 years old, and that was above 17% of the overall population. The statistics show that the population rise to 3rd of the population or 480 million people up to the year 2050. Furthermore, it is a strong belief that China’s population is shrinking in such a way that it is a fear that China will get old before it gets rich by 2030.

Baby with Million Dollar

Experts and parents expressed that the budget to raise a single child in China has multiplied. Due to which living standards in the country enhanced but the public trust in domestic products weekend. Such as if we take the example of Chen, for her son she never bought a baby formula of a Chinese brand instead of choosing expensive foreign imported brands.

The unfortunate mishap recorded in 2008 when the spoiled baby milk killed six babies. That tainted milk cause urinary tract problems and kidney stones in hundreds and thousands of kids. Due to this scandal parents in China still feared when they think for a moment.

Like many other Chinese, Chen doesn’t have a little bit of trust in local food due to which she forced to eat imported salmon, beef and cod.

Deputy Director of HK University Wang Dan Statement

According to the deputy director of Hong Kong University’s Wah Ching Center of Research on Education Mrs. Wang Dan, the cost of entertainment and education is also a severe drain. She added; many people in China use to got free or of minimal cost public education up to 1990. But unfortunately, now education becomes a big financial industry. That is the reason the overall expenses of education will driven up.

The associate professor of the Chinese University of Hong Kong, Manhong Lai said that the Chinese people always feeling stressed to study at a young age. Moreover, Lai said that due to the one-child policy, the parents more focused to pay attention to their only child education. Due to the reason, they invest more in education to educate better their child. That all result parents to compete in a race of good schools and they pressurize their children to compete with other students.

Couples in china cannot afford more than one child

Her husband and Chen use to spend about 5000 Yuan ($737) monthly for the expense of their child in a daycare center. Rather than educational expense families also beaten by other extracurricular activities of their kids.

Growing of Medical Expense

Besides educational expenses, parents also worried that the essential medical funds provided by the government are not enough to cover all sever aliments. In this regard, Chen also told that her son suffered from stomach and intestinal problems up to years after his birth and he had to visit the doctor once a month.

It is also a worse fact that among developed countries China has one of the awful doctor-to-patient ratios. Patients usually need to give bribe to their doctors for better medical treatments, and Chen did it for her son. Her son’s annual private medical insurance bill is about 15000 Yuan ($2,200).

 Subsidies for 2nd Kid

On the other hand, now authorities are giving subsidies to those parents who are having or planning second kid — subsidies like extended maternity leave and financial assistance for baby formula. Moreover, a city in the province of Hubei is offering free of cost delivery to the women having a second kid. Similarly, another city they offered 1200 Yuan ($179) to a family having a second child. At present, there are some rumors that the Beijing government may drain their one-child-birth policy to raise their countries birth rates. But in Chen and many other parent’s opinions that it must be entirely up-to-the parents either they want a single or more child. Because it’s your own life and you have entirely right to take your decisions according to your wish and circumstances.  She stated that for her one child is enough which she can afford regarding money and her energies.

Exciting Findings of Scientists about Blue Hole

Blue Hole latest findings

Virgin billionaire Richard Branson with a team of scientists showed the thrilling findings after their mission of groundbreaking to the bottom of Belize’s Blue Hole. The world’s most massive sinkhole is the great Blue Hole. And its measurement is about 984 feet (300 meters) overall, and roughly estimate is 410 feet (125 meters) deep.

Fabien Cousteau discovered the Blue Hole and mapped in 1971 who was a grandson of Jacques Cousteau, an underwater explorer. Moreover, the team also included the work of Fabien Cousteau in their finding report. In December 2018, the finding team started their journey to find out the secrets of Blue Hole bottom. The group for the first time captures new inside footages and images of the Blue Hole to create its first interior 3D map with the help of two submarines.

Chief Pilot Erika Bergman Statement

Chief Pilot of oceanographer and operations manager, Erika Bergman gives his statement to CNN that they did their complete 360 sonar map and according to them it is now just about finished. It gives them a pleasant look, as it is the sonar scan of mesh-layered of the whole thousand-foot diameter hole. Furthermore, he expressed that it is among one of the most exciting discoveries and they have never seen before stalactites. Stalactites is basically a type of mineral formations, and it has a shape like icicles, approximately 407 feet into the hole, to close to the bottom.

Erika Bergman further says that the adventure’s overall experience of having submerged in the dark depths was unusual and extraordinary. And they hadn’t mapped all this before because they didn’t discover it before. Bergman said that the hydrogen sulfide layer is one of the craziest things about this hole. The layer is about 300 feet descends, reflecting out all the light and sinking divers into darkness.

Further, she tells that you miss all of that Caribbean sunlight and it just goes entirely black, and it’s altogether anoxic down there having no life. Bergman and her group were capable of seeing the hole’s convoluted features with the help of their high-resolution sonar. Besides, Bergman says that their team not identified everything which her team found because they found few unidentifiable paths at the bottom of the Blue Hole.

Her team was delighted that the hole was almost free from trash. They found there only two to three pieces of plastic whereas more than this other part was clean and bright. That was the work of the Belize Audubon Society that really ensures the protection of the hole. From her statement, it was clear that in Blue Hole they see there a minimal impact on human beings. She expresses that there are many clean places on our planet and many of them exist in the oceans, and those are precisely same thousands of years ago and will remain precisely the same thousands of years in future.

Elections in Nigeria Delayed About One Week

Nigerian Elections Delayed About One Week

The Nigerian electoral authority decided to delay the national assembly and presidential elections for one week. On the other hand, both key Nigerian political parties condemned the electoral authority’s decision. According to the authorities’ statement, the due date of the elections was 16 February 2019 whereas after their decision they will be held on 23 February.

(INEC) Nigeria’s Independent National Electoral Commission’s chairman, Mr. Mahmood Yakubu stated in a news conference that after the careful evaluation of the implementation of the operational and the logistics plan, also for the conduction of fair, free and credible elections, the commission decided to reschedule the polls after one week.

Furthermore, Yakubu expressed that for the commission it was a difficult decision to take, but it is essential for the delivery of elections in a more successful way and the consolidation for the democracy of the country. INEC said that state House of Assembly and area council’s governorship elections are pending until 9th March 2019.

The Reaction of Political Parties

Nigerian both ruling All Progressives Congress (APC) and the opposing People’s Democratic Party (PDP) blamed each other for the electoral delay to attain advantages.

Muhammadu Buhari’s Presidential Campaign Council stated in an announcement that they condemn the election’s postponement, but also they urge their party supporters to stay determined and patient. He further told that he had fully cooperated with the Nigerian Independent National Electoral Commission and council expected that the commission ensured neutralism and imperialism in the whole process and it will not collide with the PDP.

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Besides, the ruling party also accused that the People’s Democratic Party was not ready for this elections. They want to create new strategies to take over the general elections.

On the other side, Atiku Abubakar the opposition candidate of the PDP states that Buhari’s administration has had plenty of money and time to get ready for these elections, but he is accusing his opposition of the delay in elections. They were trying to ensure that the turnout of votes will low on the new announced electoral date.

He enforced his supporters and voters to come out from their homes in bulks on 23rd February to desperate the APC and ensure to do anything against their power to reject the formal ruling party. He quoted to APC that they may postpone elections, but they cannot delay the destiny.

INEC 2019 General Elections Rescheduled Official Statement

The build-up to Elections Violence

These elections postponement will lead the elections to violence, due to which warnings frequently given by the US and the British governments that they would cancel the visas and investigate those people who founded inflaming violence during the elections.

President Buhari’s actual competitor is Abubakar who is a former vice president and business tycoon, and Buhari is fighting against seventy-one other presidential candidates. The Nigerian Electoral comes in a critical time for its economy and has importance for the region. The recent crash of oil prices sent Nigeria’s economy into chaos when the $40 barrel oil price moved to $100. Due to this overall situation, the Nigerian primary revenue source drowned. According to The Brookings Institution, about 87 million Nigerians are now living in poverty. And it is the highest percentage of impoverished in the world.