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2019 Asia Biggest Sale as Tencent sells 6 billion Dollars in Bonds

Tencent sells 6 billion Dollars in Bonds - 2019 Asia Biggest Sale

Tech giant of China Tencent said on Thursday that they are going to issue 6 billion dollar worth bonds. The board of the company stated that it expected that the notes would release on April 11 and they will take in overall proceeds of around 5.98 billion U.S. dollars. Reuters expressed that sale of Tencent was the largest sale of Asia this year according to the Definitive data. Last time in January 2018 Tencent tapped the dollar debt market when it gives out five billion dollars’ worth of bonds.

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The firm of China-flagged on Monday that it raised its worldwide bond offering program from 10 billion dollars to twenty billion dollars. Tencent also conducts comprehensive offerings; however, the size of this offering not specified.

2018 was the rough year of the company because the Chinese government terminated the new video games approvals. In order to monetize a game in China, it needs approval from censors. Among other departments, games are the most significant part of the Tencent’s business, and the approvals freeze caused more than 127 billion dollars of value to wipe off its shares.

Year on Year Decline in Profit

Recently, Tencent also reported a decline of 35% year-on-year in profit for 2018’s fourth quarter. Though the share of the company has raising higher so, are up greater than nineteen percent year to date. In December, China restarted the approvals of the game.

A new game’s batch approved by the regulators of China on Tuesday and among them game ‘Game of Thrones’ also titled which Chinese firm will distribute. HSBC, Deutsche Bank, Morgan Stanley, and Goldman Sachs are joint international coordinators for the sale of the bond.

Trump Administration Agrees to transfer Nuclear Energy to KSA

Administration of Trump Agrees to transfer Nuclear Energy to KSA

The administration of Trump decided to allow the United States companies to start nuclear energy trade in the early stage with Saudi Arabia. After this decision, a new battle begins with Congress on a plan to sell the U.S. made reactors to the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. In the news reports and congressional hearings, the authorizations came to light that put forward the administration of Trump doing an end-run around Congress, smoothing confidential discussion and placing KSA on track to develop nuclear weapons.

However, the nuclear export policy’s veterans are saying that the transactions are in a routine and they do not elevate immediate concerns regarding the proliferation of the atomic weapons. Whereas, the authorization’s content is not public. According to the experts, they probably cover the exchange of the necessary information and talks with the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, not the sensitive technology. Chair of the board of directors of Arms Control Association, Thomas Countryman said that it is not probable that these would have enclosed any sensitive info that would assist either the intention of Saudi Arabia was to chase the nuclear weapons.

KSA to Establish Nuclear Reactors

The Kingdom of Saudi Arabia at present going through the international companies’ bids to construct two nuclear reactors. Westinghouse is leading the United States consortium fighting for the contract against companies from France, South Korea, China, and Russia. The companies of the United States need the so-called authorization of Part 810 from the state department and Energy to share non-public information. Whereas, they try to convince the Saudis to select American reactors and their other services.

US Going to become Threat for World’s Largest Oil Exporter

The formal international security assistant secretary of State under President Obama, Thomas Countryman, said that he would take risks that they are more about consulting services and information that would be valued for a government that is going to decide for the first time in this field. At the Arms Control Association, the chair of the board of directors, Countryman said that it is doubtful that they may be useful if KSA intended to chase nuclear weapons. Until now, the permissions of export are becoming public within a standoff between the White House and Capitol Hill over the relations of United States with KSA after the murder of columnist Jamal Khashoggi by Saudi agents.

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Besides, Congress wanted to hold crown prince Mohammad bin Salman accused of the death of Khashoggi. Whereas, President Trump stuck due to his allies in Riyadh and created doubts on the assessment of the CIA that the crown prince involved in the killing. The export of United States nuclear energy to Saudi Arabia become a crisis in the dispute. However, the administration of Trump desired that the U.S. companies build the reactors. The companies that received the authorizations from the Department of Energy decided not to share them publicly because of the fueling accusations of secret dealings.

First Female Black Gay Mayor Elects in Chicago

LGBT Community of Brunei flees Latest Stoning Laws in Country

Chicago, the city of United States, elected a first female African American, Lori Lightfoot as its mayor to make a history. It is for the first time that any black female will sit on the seat of mayor in the US city of Chicago. When the vote called, she runs off election with over 74%; actually, her competition was with thirteen other candidates of the mayor. Moreover, Lightfoot also termed as the first gay mayor she celebrated her victory with her daughter and wife. During her win celebrations with her supporters, she said that tonight out nearby there are a lot of little boys and girls are watching this historic victory. They are becoming the witness of the beginning of something new. There is a pleasant hope for all of you to become the mayor of Chicago one day.

Brunei’s Anti-gay Law of will go to Effect in Current Week

Ms. Lightfoot is 56 years old, and she was considering as a defeater in the race. However, she runs her electoral campaign on the platform that she will end the political corruption and will help the families of the poor when she comes in power. On the agenda, the policing and gun crime were also at its peak in a city plagued with high levels of murder and gang violence. Previously, Lori Lightfoot led the accountability task force of the city’s police. The structure was set up after the death of a seventeen-year-old boy Laquan McDonald in the police officer’s hands in 2014. On Wednesday, her final victory came on in a vote run-off contrary to another African woman Preckwinkle. She will be a successor in office to Mayor Rahm Emanuel, who also served under President Obama as a chief staff.

Black Women Leading in how many Cities?

Overall twelve cities of the U.S led by black women as a mayor. New Orleans, San Francisco, and Atlanta are also among those twelve black women leading cities. San Francisco’s London Breed is also in this list as the city’s female first mayor since Dianne Feinstein Democratic Senator in 1988, in addition to Washington Dc’s Muriel Bowser and Rochester’s Lovely Warren. Furthermore, Catherine Pugh Mayor of Baltimore also stands among the black ladies who are leading the United States cities as a Mayor. She took an indefinite absence or took leave to recover from pneumonia ongoing bout. On the other hand, it comes an investigation into the sales of her self-published children’s book series ‘Healthy Holly.’ Baltimore Sun states that The University of Maryland Medical System gives £380,180 ($500,000) to Ms. Pugh during her service on its board.

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Poland is Opening the World’s deepest pool

Poland is Opening the World’s deepest pool

There is a good news for the sea divers that they are going to dive in the world’s deepest pool. The deepest pool of the world is going to open in Poland at the end of this year. It has underwater overhangs and caves, and a diver can go down as 148 feet (45 meters). It is an ideal spot for pro scuba divers for getting the training, and it has eight thousand cubic meters of water which is twenty-seven times the volume of a regular twenty-five-meter pool. The designers of the pool said that its design would feasible for both trainees and expert divers. On the other side, there is also an underwater tunnel for audiences who don’t want to get wet but enjoy the scenes.

Poland is Opening the World’s deepest pool

At the pool’s interior, one can have a look that surrounds with training suits and conference with a view of hotel rooms. After the opening of this pool, it will knock the Y-40 Deep Joy of Italy off the top spot. Near Venice, the pool located in the resort area of Montegrotto Terme and it is the attraction of the Millepini Hotel.

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Poland is Opening the World’s deepest pool

Furthermore, if everything will continue according to the plans, Deepspot will not hang upon the honor with the deeper pool, hopefully, open in 2020 in Britain. However, at present built in Colchester, the Blue Abyss will reach fifty meters deep. The managing director of Blue Abyss, John Vickers said that his task is over a super-sized pool and is going to operate as an astronaut training center at a commercial level along with the human performance center assisting people in getting the peak of their physical skills.

World’s Largest Gaming Chinese Company Tencent Start Testing Gaming Cloud

World’s Largest Gaming Chinese Tencent Start Testing Gaming Cloud

Tencent is the Chinese based world’s largest gaming company, and now they are testing their own cloud gaming platform and is allowing a selected group of users to sign up. It is because they are trying to attain a strong position in the video game market of 135 billion dollars with one further step. Through cloud gaming, users can play games on stream instead of downloading them on consoles, smartphones or buy their physical copies. In actual the game run in the game cloud.

50th hat-trick of Lionel Messi Career in Barca Win

On the other side, during a few recent years, the game industry earns million and billions of dollars by selling games and consoles. Now, game purchases and add-ons are on the rise in gaming platforms due to it console makers allowed to stretch out the console’s lifetime. Sometimes cloud gaming referred to as gaming on demand completely changes the industry work’s way. Recently, Tencent launches a product website named ‘Start’ and is allowing users in China’s southern province Guangdong and Shanghai to sign up for testing purpose. The website’s description written in Mandarin and its meaning is ‘anyone can play on any device.’ Among the cloud gaming benefits, the most important is that it does not need any particular hardware like a gaming console. Until now, the proper beginning of the gaming cloud not started and Tencent is in its early stages.

Tencent’s Spokesperson views

The spokesperson of Tencent said to the reporters that gaming through the cloud is a developing trend and they gave a rich portfolio of games and their technical capabilities. Also, they are doing some research internally to estimate the possibilities. Moreover, the company declined to give more details about the product.

Instant Play Tencent

Daniel Ahmad, an industry analyst, express on his twitter account that Tencent is going to introduce a cloud gaming platform with name as ‘Tencent Instant Play.’

Singapore to fight online Falsehoods with Sweeping Law

Singapore to fight online Falsehoods with the Help of Sweeping Law

In recent past few days after the innocent brutal killing of Muslim worshippers in New Zealand’s mosques, the laws and rules regarding the social media networks got improving day by day. Some of the laws improved itself by the social media groups after the international criticism whereas, some countries also strictly reviewing their national laws about social networks. In the same respect, Singapore is also going to pass legislation that could emphasize the websites to run correction notices of governments along with content it considers false. The new regulations are likely to implement on all sites even though how big social-media network it is, such as, Twitter and Facebook.

The Singapore government will able to produce the so-called takedown orders for the removal of the individuals, new organizations and social media networks posted content under the new law named the Protection from Manipulation Bill and Online Falsehoods. In many cases, the administration will choose when to take action against any false thing. However, the websites will have the legal right to appeal a judicial review of the government’s correction or their takedown orders. On Monday the Law Minister of Singapore, K. Shanmugam stated while the conversation with reporters that this legislation relates with the false announcements of the fact. Moreover, it doesn’t have links with opinions and viewpoints. Whatever viewpoints you can have, however reasonable or not.

Facebook will Share Algorithm Secrets of News Feed

When will Bill Passed as a Law from Parliament

The bill presented before parliament on Monday and there is a possibility of its approval to become law in coming one or two months. Governments rather than the U.S. are gradually under scrutiny the United States based social media networks. On the other hand, the new law of Singapore would likely to go more than anything on the books in the European Union. As earlier, the founder of Facebook, Mark Zuckerberg requested the governments to help the social media groups to regulate the internet. He said that these regulations are necessary for the society to protect it from the harmful content to ensure the integrity of the elections. It is also helpful to protect the privacy of people and convenient for people to transfer their data from service to service in a secure way.

Facebook declared in a statement on Monday that they share the commitment to Singaporean government to minimize the online spread of deliberate falsehoods. They further said that they are with those regulations that strike the right balance among reducing harm even though protecting the rights of people to meaningful dialog. Within the U.S. and outside Facebook is dealing with scrutiny from different governments of the world.

LGBT Community of Brunei flees Latest Stoning Laws in Country


After the first announcement of strict Islamic laws at the oil-rich empire of Brunei in 2013 including the stoning death penalty for accused of gay-sex, most the LGBT community in the country considered fleeing. However, many still expecting that the under processed law would never pass that previously enacted on 3rd April. A young gay man while speaking to international media on a phone call that implementing the death penalty through stoning is terrifying for them. He and others requested the interview taker to keep their names secret for the security concern of them and their families.

The young man-gay volunteer further added that he believed that he would not be accepted and he would be outcast by his family. He thought that he would send to religious psychotherapy to assist him for changing. While he said that it was not as good as he felt because of the stoning punishment. It made him feel that if that thing comes to reality, he might as well leave. Also, he stated that those punishment laws are inhumane and stoning is very aggressive. It is the penalty that is unbearable for human only because of his homosexual acts. Zain, the transgender woman, fled Brunei in 2018 and now looking for asylum in Canada.

Brunei National Zain Views on Stoning Law

Zain is also in those which is going to target after the implementation of the new law. He said that he wants to live his life according to his wish and his terms as he wanted to be a woman. Moreover, he expressed that he wanted to live a life without any fundamentals of religion, the conservatism that’s why he left his country. He knew that due to the Sharia law due to his doings, he would be jailed, fined and caned. Zain told that due to his understanding of the Sharia law, his concerns increased about what was to come. Since 2013, he was living in fear as he coached in the religious school that’s why he has little bit more knowledge of the laws as compared to his those friends who aren’t religious. Because of this, he scared more about the implementation of the laws of Sharia.

LGBT Community of Brunei flees New Laws of Stoning

The thoughts of Zain said that these laws not just threatened the LGBT community but after their implementation, everyone will receive their shocks. Especially women would be going to be at a considerable disadvantage, Zain said. There is also a stoning death punishment for adultery between heterosexual couples in the new law. He wants to encourage his LGBT friends to leave the country as he wants their safety of life. Furthermore, he said that Brunei is not a good state because they caught your freedom with fundamental human rights.

Facebook will Share Algorithm Secrets of News Feed

Facebook is going to Share Algorithm Secrets of News Feed

Here is good news for the Facebook surfers that from now they are going to acknowledge why they see any content in their news feed. It is the latest update from the social media group that they are launching an exciting feature that will give details on how their algorithm pick what to show in the News Feed on any user. There will be a new button ‘Why I see this post?’ and it will specify what activity influenced the algorithms of Facebook. For the first time, social media network offers its users to have access to insight directly on the website or its app.

Facebook is violating the data Privacy Laws – UK Law Makers

YouTube, Twitter, Facebook, and many other social media websites, ‘use to criticize’ for using algorithms for a content recommendation without giving an explanation to their users how they work. In an announcement, Facebook declares that in the UK the new feature was available for few users today and it will roll out completely by the 2nd of May. Whereas, The button, ‘Why I am seeing this post’ will be available for the users in the drop-down menu after clicking top right of every post’s three dots in the News Feed. The offered insights from a tool like ‘You have commented with photos on posts rather than other media types.’

More Information in Button ‘Why I am seeing this ad?’

The officials of Facebook also said that they were also adding additional information to the button ‘Why I am seeing this ad?’ that shows on an advertisement since 2014. Now, it will allow people to know if information on their FB profile matched those on the database of the advertiser. It already exposed either some of your online activity like your connected internet location used to target ads to show you.

The social media network said in a blog that both these updates are their ongoing investment’s part in giving users more control and context across Facebook. After a series of data breaches, allegations and scandals the Facebook faced in-depth scrutiny that the platform of the network used to interfere in elections. In the last days the Chief of Facebook, Mark Zuckerberg called for the regulations of government. Also, he said that for companies it was great to tackle alone the monitoring of harmful content.

Pakistani PM Skips Questions About Chinese detention of Muslims

Imran Khan Dodge Questions About Chinese detention of Muslims

The Prime Minister of Pakistan Imran Khan can’t answer the question properly on the reported custody of as more than two million Muslims in the western region of Xinjiang, China. He said that he has not too much knowledge about the matter. In the interview of Khan with the financial times, they asked the question to Pakistani PM what his stance on the detention of mass where most of China’s Muslim popular Uyghurs have sent. Former detainees and the activists said that the reason behind the camp’s design to eliminate the Muslim religious practices and Uyghur culture.

Khan stated that honestly, he doesn’t have enough knowledge about the issue and even he doesn’t know whose government is getting the more significant part of the Chinese aid. During his press conference Imran Khan expressed that the Muslim Ummah was facing its worst phase, however, doubted on Beijing’s crackdown. Furthermore, he conveyed that he would speak on it if he had enough knowledge of the matter, as there is not too much description in the papers regarding it.

Huawei Denied to Share Data to Government of China

Criticism of Western Countries on the Chinese Government

Western countries fiercely criticized the Xinjiang camps of the Chinese government. Mike Pompeo the United States Secretary of State after meeting with survivors, demands Beijing to release all the illogically detained Uyghurs. Turkey became one of the largest Muslim nations in February to condemn the Xinjiang camps and termed them as the biggest shame for the fundamental human rights. On the other hand, other Muslims-majority countries with friendly and economic relations with China like Malaysia, Saudi Arabia and at top Pakistan avoided talking on this particular dispute.

British Member Parliament Lord Nazir Ahmed accused of Abusive Sexual Abuse

One of the largest Muslim nations globally, Pakistan has a longtime trade and economic relations with China and also their relationship usually termed by the diplomats of China as a four-season friendship. Whereas, Pakistan also got huge benefits from the infrastructure spending of China as part of Chinese President Xi Jinping road initiative and global Belt. Pakistan also stands among one of the biggest arms buyers of Beijing. According to facts and figures of CSIS Islamabad bought over $6 billion Chinese weapons from 2008 to 2017. The comments of Imran Khan to the remarks of FT mirror in January he made to the TRT World when he admits that he didn’t know the Xinjiang’s exact situation. As an alternative, since he came to power in 2018, he praised Beijing for its support.

Saudi Officials gain access to Jeff Bezos, Amazon CEO Private Phone Data

Saudi Officials got Access to Amazon CEO Private Phone Data

Gavin de Becker, the security specialist of Saudi Arabia, said in an article that they got access to the private phone data of Amazon’s CEO, Jeff Bezos. De Becker investigating Bezos that how The National Enquirer acquired and published discussion chats that the CEO of Amazon sent to his lady friend Lauren Sanchez, TV anchor. In the month of February Bezos alleged in a shocking post that National Enquirer publisher AMI blackmailed him after receiving the threats that they will publish the intimate snaps if he did not state publically that his tabloid’s coverage not motivated publically. The AMI has maintained that it worked legally on in its Bezos’ reporting.

Saudi Arabia Focusing Asian Market to Grow its Economy

De Becker claimed that he had concluded his investigation with full assurance that the Saudis gained access to Benzos’ mobile and taken the personal information. Moreover, Bezos also owns the Washington Post, which manages the serious coverage of the administration of Trump and the government of Saudi Arabia. In October 2018, Jamal Khashoggi, the post journalist murdered in the consulate of KSA in Istanbul due to which international outrage starts against Riyadh. De Becker stated that few Americans would be amazed to know that the government of Saudi Arabia has been very committed on spoiling Bezos since past October after the relentless coverage of Khashoggi’s murder started by Post.

Pakistani PM Skips Questions About Chinese detention of Muslims

Detailed Report of de Becker on Matter

Becker expressed that it is uncertain that maybe AMI know the details or not, however, nominated the close relationship among the Chairman of AMI, David Pecker and the government of Saudi Arabia. On the other hand, the officials of KSA denied previously having any dealing with the Bezos National Enquirer’s coverage. The Saudi foreign affairs of state, Adel al-Jubeir told the international media that they have nothing to do with it as it is something among the two parties. Moreover, de Becker said that his investigation results shared with the federal authorities. Whereas, AMI and the embassy of Saudi Arabia could not react to it immediately.