Simple Ways To Troubleshoot A Source Dedicated Server


Running your own server allows you to control such factors as the map being played, time limits, how many players can connect passwords and even gravity. Yet they are instances, that you will encounter technical problems. Here we will give the easy and simple ways to troubleshoot a Source Dedicated Server. This is the server widely used on source-based games such as “Counter-Strike: Source,” “Left 4 Dead” and “Half-Life 2: Deathmatch. You can learn about various types of servers and cloud computing, on this website:

Connection Problems

You must connect to your server from a computer on a different local area network or ask a friend to connect. To connect via your IP address, launch your game, access the console tilde by default and enter the command “connect ip:port,” where ip:port is your external not your local IP address. If someone outside your network cannot connect to your server, your router is likely denying them access to your home.

To learn more about the local area’s networks used for connecting PC with the main server visit this website:

You have to connect to your router from a computer on the network by keying in the router’s IP address192.168.1.1 for most routersinto any browser. Enter your username and password to access your settings. If you don’t know these, try accessing without any information entered, type “admin” in both boxes or refer to your router’s documentation. While the settings layout varies from router to router, you should find a section devoted to “Port Forwarding.” On Linksys routers, for example, you’ll find this under “Applications and Gaming.”

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Add the following ports information’s to be forwarded: “4380″ and the range “27000-27050.” For each of these two ranges, enable both TCP and UDP protocols.

Updating the Server

Connect to your server. If you receive a message alert that the server is out of date and can’t connect then the server’s game version differs from yours and needs to be updated.

Open Steam and go to “Library,” then “Tools.” Find the Dedicated Server of the game of your choice, right-click it and select “Properties.” From the “Updates” tab, always make sure that “Automatic updates” is set to “Always keep this tool up to date.”

Then, restart your server. You must know that the updates you made will not take effect unless you’ve restarted the system. To be able to restart the server, access the “Console” tab in your dedicated server tool and enter the command “_restart.”This will terminate your server and close the program. Now, run it again.

To learn more information about the tips and tricks used for solving the issues of dedicated servers visit this website:

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