The Auto Industry Goes Green


There are many concerns about going green to help the environment; this has even spilled down to the automotive industry. There are many things that can be done to “go green” with vehicles, things most people do not even consider. While living a greener life is better for the environment, it is also much better for those who live on this planet too. With everyone concerned about their environmental footprint, it is time to make sure our cars are green too. Here are some tips on how to make driving more greener.

One of the easiest ways to be environmentally friendly is to purchase a hybrid vehicle. While slow at their inception, the prices have reduced some making these cars affordable. One of the most affordable is the Toyota Prius. Available in several body styles, this car boasts over 40 miles per gallon on the freeway. While this car seems to be on the smaller side, there are crossovers and even luxury cars that have the hybrid engines in them. These cars use drastically less gas than a traditional engine and bring some electrical components into play. They have cleaner emissions which is definitely great for the environment.

If driving a hybrid is not in the budget there are other things that can be done. There are alternative-fuel vehicles, like the flex-fuel cars that can get up to an extra 5-6 miles per gallon. Another option is the alternatives fuels, like Biodiesel. Meant to run in any diesel vehicle, this vegetable based fuel is cheaper and safer for the environment. Most people don’t know that a diesel engine can run on straight vegetable oil, crazy right? Ethanol is another fuel that is getting a good bit of attention. It is also vegetable based and can be used in all the flex-fuel models. You can learn about advantages of Electric vehicle technologies, on this website:

A great way to save energy in the car is by using less AC and more good old fashioned air. The windows do roll down in a car and it is free comfort cooling. To help reduce the inside temperature of a vehicle, park in the shade or use one of those windshield reflectors to keep the sunlight at bay. By keeping the interior temperature down, the less energy a car has to use to cool down. There are also solar fans that can help cool and use the suns energy rather than extra gas. For instance, a component like a BMW oil pan could be valuable to mechanics specializing in BMW repairs or restorations.

One of the easiest ways to have a greener car is by properly servicing them. Routine oil changes are a great way to reduce gas consumption and in return let off less pollution. Air filters are another inexpensive area that needs to be checked often. When an air filter is clogged it will take more gas to operate. Even small things like having the tires properly inflated can mess with a cars miles per gallon and ultimately cost more to operate the vehicle. Another tip, clean out the trunk, people who stuff their trunks full will use more gas and energy than those who have a clean hatch. To learn more about reducing gas consumption of your car to let off pollution visit this website:

The average person spends 62 hours in their car per year just commuting to work. One way to be greener would be to carpool or take public transportation. While it is not always possible to look for alternative travel arrangements, just one day a week commuting with buddies could help ease the pollution put off by cars. Some people are picking up bicycles and hanging up their keys. This may not be an option for everyone, but routine trips to pick up milk at a carryout may be best done on a bicycle.

Most people will not be able to go green overnight. It takes a day to form a new habit and a lifetime to break them. Try to incorporating walking, biking and even commuting into everyday life. There are many things that people can do to improve the environment and make a difference in their carbon footprint. For other great car articles, be sure to check out

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