The Man In The Kitchen.Genius Or Mayhem?


The subject of men cooking is somewhat confusing. Take a woman out of three and you will hear her complaining about their partner not being able to make a decent omelet or being afraid that their husbands would starve to death without them. On the other hand, the best and most renown chefs in the world are male. So while there are men out there who found themselves surrounded by all the joys and wonders the civilized and technologically-advanced world brought them – and by that we mean catering and the actual possibility to buy steaks onlineothers make fame and fortune in the kitchen. You can learn about the various dishes and their nutritional facts, on this website:

 So here are the top five male chefs in the world, that not only gained fortunes, but also became TV stars.

Gordon Ramsey James

The only British chef proudly owning 10 Michelin stars,  he is considered not only the greatest chef that Britain has, but also one of the richest. He is well known in Europe and the US, being an important jury member of the Master Chef USA and hosting TV shows all over the world.


This Catalan well known figure also holds the reputation of one of the greatest chefs in the world, awarded with 3 Michelin stars, while his own restaurant, elBulli, was nominated as the best restaurant in the world five years in a row. It is said that this man turned a dinner into a true recital and his presence is loved and appraised on any show or press appearance. To learn more facts about the life of a famous chef FerranAdrià visit this website:

Jamie Oliver

He does not own any Michelin stars but this young Brit has a charisma like no other. Having a cooking style of his own, easy, fast, prone to using only natural ingredients, Jamie has a soft spot for Italian food, having done so many TV shows and so many guest appearances, that people consider him as part of their families. Author of countless cook books and a man well known for getting involved in solving community problems, Jamie Oliver is by far one of the most popular chefs on the planet.

Paul Bocuse

The man who practically invented culinary art in France, Bocuse left us an outstanding legacy of French gourmets. He was made famous and rich by a soup he invented and now he is considered a father and an icon in French gastronomy. He may not be TV superstar, but the Elysee Palace will always remember him.

Emeril Lagasse Jhon

This chef owns a famous restaurant chain all over the United States, becoming over the years a TV star in many culinary shows. Most importantly, he was so famous and well-credited, even NASA hired him in order to contribute to the food product selection for the International Space Station in 2006, as NASA was running a program of improving the food quality for the astronauts. Learn more about the best way to learn cooking, on this website:

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