Essential Fibers Required For A Fit Body


One said very correct “Health is wealth” but nowadays people are moving towards sedentary lifestyle that reduces the everyday activity level to a great extent. Advanced Technology is another reason which is serving cut and dried in every way for e.g. formerly people used to travel with bicycle but today cars or other engine operating vehicles totally abridged the physical participation of a person. It put the people on the rack and causes weight gain, neurological problems, cardiovascular problems etc. On the contrary it makes the body of no avail. No doubt for people today, “Health is above all”.

Physical exercise no doubt is the best and simple way to keep your body fit and sound, but along with that a nutritious food containing the proper amount of vitamins, minerals, fats, and fibers proves a helping hand in keeping your body fit and healthy. You can learn about various types of food components that are very important for your health, on this website:

Fibers are also acknowledged by “bulk or roughage” is the indigestible part of the food. These are of two types “soluble” and “insoluble.” Soluble fiber break down as it passes through the digestion tract and forming a gel substance that traps the beneficial substances for reducing cholesterol level or stabilizing blood sugar etc. On the other hand Insoluble fiber as the name sound doesn’t dissolve in water and passes the digestion tract quickly. To learn more about diets that contain Cellulose or Hemicelluloses fibers visit this website:

Why fibers are good for our body?

Fibers play a decisive role in protecting our body against many harmful diseases like

Soluble fibers prove favorable in curing our body against Heart diseases by dropping cholesterol level. Insoluble fibers on another hand declines the risk of constipation, Colitis, Colon cancer etc.

Below are some of the essential fibers required for a fit body are:

Cellulose or Hemicelluloses: These insoluble fibers mostly found in nuts, wheat, grains, seeds, edible brown rice etc. It lend a hand in reducing loosing weight, reduces constipation etc. Pectin and Gums: These soluble fibers naturally available in seeds, fruits, barriers etc. It slows down food when passing intestinal tract for proper absorption on the other hand it reduces blood cholesterol levels. Click here to read in-depth articles about maintaining your body fitness.

 Lignin: This insoluble fiber mostly found in rye, flax and some green vegetables. It strengthens our immune system to fight against harmful bacteria’s.

Mucilage: This soluble fiber mostly presents in oats, beans, barley, soybeans, bananas, oranges, carrots, apples etc. It prevents our body against coronary heart diseases and diabetes etc.

Inulin: It is mainly extracted from byproducts of sugar and onions and added to processed food to the increase their fiber content. It enhances immune functionality and increasing the amount of beneficial bacteria in the gut.

Psyllium: One of the main source of extractions is husks of plantago ovata plant or rushed seeds. It lowers cholesterol level in blood and declines constipation that reduces the risk of diverticulosis and formation of hemorrhoids. Dextrin: This is soluble fiber mainly extracted from wheat starch and generally added in processed food to add fiber contents. It reduces coronary heart diseases risk. Resistant starch: This soluble fiber is mainly found in legumes, unripe Ned bananas, oatmeal, etc. For people who want to keep control of their weight. To discover more about psyllium’s negative effects, visit this website:

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