How Do You Find A Good Solicitor?


Throughout the course of your life you will almost certainly need to consult with a solicitor at some point. There are many different reasons why you might need a solicitor so it is worth taking a look at the best way to find one.

Find a specialist in your legal area

One of the main reasons people might need a solicitor is if they are buying or selling a house. In this instance they would need a solicitor who has a strong background in conveyancing.

If you are thinking of starting a business then having a solicitor will be a tremendous help. This is where a solicitor with very good business law skills will come in handy.

If you need to consult a solicitor because of marital problems, separation and divorce then you need someone who is well versed in family law.

You may have been involved in an accident that means you have been injured to the extent that you require compensation because you have suffered loss of earnings and require specialist treatment. Personal injury lawyers will be able to give you the best possible advice and representation if you are unlucky enough to be in this situation.

By finding a solicitor who has experience in the area you require advice on then you are ensuring that you receive comprehensive representation.

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Locating a solicitor

One of the best and oldest ways to find a solicitor is through personal recommendation, especially if they have experience in the field of law you require. Be aware, however, that it is important that you feel you can have a good relationship with your solicitor. Just because your friend or father-in-law got on well with a certain solicitor, you might not necessarily do so. To get detailed information about why a good relationship with your solicitor is essential for a successful partnership, visit

Always ensure that you have an initial meeting with a solicitor to make sure you feel comfortable with them and always agree fees up front so you aren’t surprised later on.

If personal recommendation is not an option for you then you can use the more modern approach on the internet. The Law Society has lists of solicitors on its website which is broken down into different areas of experience, such as family law, conveyancing and business law. It can also narrow down the search so that you only consider lawyers who are based near your work or home so it is convenient for you.

The Solicitors Regulation Authority also has a very useful website that guides you through how to find a solicitor. It not only advises you to ensure you do your research so you know which questions to ask but it also explains the different accreditations and standards that a good solicitor should possess.

If you take your time to choose a solicitor by doing your research, knowing exactly what you need and do some shopping around then you should be on course to find a solicitor to suit you and your needs.

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