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Qatar Airways Joins Hands with Rolls-Royce to examine VR

Qatar Airways Collborates with Rolls-Royce to examine VR Reality

Qatar Airways makes a partnership with Rolls-Royce to test a tool of virtual reality. This technology uses Vive equipment of HTC and designed to provide engineers training of virtual refresher with the biggest engine ‘the Trent XWB’ of Rolls-Royce. A350 fleet of Qatar Airways used the Trent XWB engine. Before the maintenance and repairing of the engine, it separated into several parts because of its biggest size.

Engineers will experience see, touch and hear the engine parts with the help of their devices and capable of separating the engine and performing the training in the environment of virtual reality. Before the new technology development, the engines would sent to Doha physically, or the airline has responsibility to deliver an engine is service for training purpose. Rolls-Royce expressed that this process has a risk to harm the equipment or may loss of the valued flying time.

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Product training manager at Rolls-Royce as well as customer, Steve Buckland developed the program of virtual reality training. In a statement on Monday, he said that VR is a valued application, it will go to save money, time and frees up the engines that else could on aircraft, keeping the passengers in moving state. Furthermore, Buckland explained that they aimed to make the engine’s holograms that they can use in the classroom along with the augmented reality that they can place on a real engine to reveal the technical information.

Why Several Have Strong Believe on Conspiracy Theories

He added that not anything would beat learning with the help of the engine and it will never replace, however, the latest technology convincing them to move with the innovations to teach the engineers. As the technology is in the phase of continuous transformation that engineers taught to maintain the engines that are responsible for flying the planes, also it is impacting operation at airports.

Artificial Intelligence to be Use in a Robotic Head

In recent times, it publicized that Artificial Intelligence would use in a robotic head to deliver the information to the passengers that are passing through Frankfurt Airport of Germany throughout a trail of six-week. FRAnny dubbed assistant will able to give the information to customers on topics like departure gates, restaurant’s locations, and Wi-Fi access. It has the ability to interact with human beings in German, English and seven further languages.

Human Patient’s Cells Used to make 3D-Printed Heart

Human Patient’s Cells Used to create 3D-Printed Heart

Using a patient’s cells researchers 3D-printed heart, and it gives a hope that using this technique they can heal the hearts; also they can transplant engineered new ones. Tal Dvir, a professor of Biotechnology and Cell Biology, stated that it is for the first time that anybody successfully engineered & printed a reptile of a whole heart using blood vessels. Cells, chambers, and ventricles. Moreover, he is also the senior research author that published on Monday.

The heart printing process needed a biopsy of the fatty tissues that present around the abdominal organs. Researchers working on this mission, detached the tissue cells from the remaining content, specifically the extracellular matrix that links the cells. After that those cells reprogrammed to turn into stem cells having the ability to discriminate into the cells of the heart. Furthermore, the matrix processed into a modified hydrogel that further used as the printing ink.

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At first, the hydrogel and the cells used to make heart patches along with blood vessels as well as from there, a whole heart. Dvir said that their 3D-printed heart is small at this stage which is just equal to the size of the rabbit’s heart. However, the same technology needed to 3D-print the human heart. In the past, a scientist only able to print simple tissues deprived of the blood vessels.

Cardiovascular is the Prominent Death Cause in Developing Countries

The primary cause of death in developing countries is the disease of cardiovascular. To treat the condition of last stage heart failure the only technique is to transplant the heart. The authors point out the importance of these developing techniques like 3D-printing of heart.

In addition, Dvir also described that with the help of patient’s cells they could engineering the organs and tissues. He said that it is essential to eliminate the risk of rejection of implant that jeopardizes the success of these type of treatments by the biocompatibility of engineered materials. Further, he gives details that in the next step researchers aim to train the hearts to work like hearts. The cells required to attain a pumping ability, they can at present contract, whereas they wanted them to work together.

Beat the Disease with Technology

It is the future plan of the researchers that if they are successful then they will transplant the 3D printed heart in animals and after successful transplantation, they will do the same thing in humans. Dvir hoped that might be during the upcoming ten years there will be printers in the premium hospitals of the world that will print the organs and these doing will be a part of daily routine.

Downgrade Goldman citing Competition from Ericsson and Samsung Drop 3% Shares of Nokia


On Monday, the shares of Nokia, the Finnish telecommunication firm dropped about 3% when Goldman Sachs’ analyst demoted the stock from neutral to sell. Hameed Awan and Alexander both are senior analysts, and they expressed that Nokia is facing the risks of downside due to the growing competition from South Korean Samsung and Swedish Ericsson.

Shares of Nokia outdid the tech sector of Europe by approximately two percent from the last six months, as investors have hope that the rollout of new wireless networks of 5G would help to boost the revenues of the Finnish tech firm. The analyst of Goldman stated that might be the investors too positive about Nokia gave a slow start with the organization’s own projections.

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Moreover, the analyst also told that they believe that there is a room for more downside to the agreement, their latest evaluations now factor in revenues with lower network. And that an additional conservative margin trajectory with extra muted growth in the extremely cost-effective patents business.

According to the estimation of Goldman, tech giant of China Huawei and Nokia each capture 23% of the wireless networking market of the world as related to Ericson that holds 29% of the market share. However, Samsung has just 5% of shares in the market due to which it stayed behind the top three competitors.

Samsung to Bring 5G

On the other side, Samsung is making efforts to bring 5G wireless network to make their equipment’s super-fast and to roll out internationally. Experts also added that Samsung previously partnered with Verizon to offer 5G equipment in the United States. They said that gains of Samsung could present the risks for Nokia.

Donald Trump Declares New Initiatives for 5G to win the Race

One of the analysts believed that they see the success of Samsung in increasing the share in the United States as main validation of its technology’s quality, specific at Verizon which considered among one of the most innovative 5G players of the world.

World’s First Civilian Tilt-rotor Aircraft coming in 2020

World’s First Civilian Helicopter-plane hybrid coming in 2020

First World’s Civilian helicopter-plane hybrid called tilt-rotor aircraft is coming in the next year. These aircraft specified for fly speedy and farther like the airplanes. However, these hybrid are already in the use of the military for many years. Now, for the first time in the year 2020, this model approved for the civilian use for the purposes like search and rescue operation, executive travel and for emergency medevac flights. Ex-New York Mayor and Billionaire Michael Bloomberg expressed that he also needed one. A celebrity like Bloomberg may board a helicopter-plane hybrid around his home and fly at speeds more than 300 mph to attend a meeting thousand miles away. Just after only three hours, he can land at the meeting location on a helipad.

Is there any Runway or Airport Needed for Tilt-rotor Aircraft?

Helicopter-plane hybrid doesn’t need any runway or airport to take off while it only needs a helipad instead anywhere either house roof, hospital, office or any other place. These tilt-rotors have the ability to save valuable time during the organ donation process. Such as, they can take a donor heart from any hospital helipad and rapidly fly to any other hospital either it is 1000 miles away avoiding the crowd and flights at the airport.

Tilt-rotor for Search and Rescue Operation

One of the other benefits of tilt-rotor is that it is beneficial for search and rescue operations because of its low-flying. It can easily spot people on the ground seeking for help or rescue; however, those located people must have to wait for a chopper to transfer them to a secure place. It is helpful to save time and lives with the help of its ability to fly long distance search grids and afterward hoisting and hovering people up from the ground.

For the First Time Largest Aeroplane of the World Flew

Aerospace giant Leonardo of Italy built the first civilian tilt-rotor aircraft of the world in the United States. According to the officials of the company, they will start developing the world’s first AW609 model during this week at its factory in Philadelphia. By the end of this year, the AW609 will get the certification of Federal Aviation Administration if every and start its service in 2020 if everything goes on plan. The managing director of Leonardo Helicopters, Gian Piero Cutillo said that from the technology point of view the 609 represents a breakthrough.

Sitting Capacity of Helicopter-plane Hybrid

Rather than two crew seats, nine other passengers can take flight at the same time. On every wing’s end, there are turboprop propeller engines and each engine can swivel up or down depending on the weather. The aircraft is landing, taking off, hovering or cruising across the sky.

Price Tag

It is an expectation that the price tag of the AW609 is very high around &25 million and it is over twice than the cost of a usual helicopter. This price can afford only Cadillac customers, and UAE placed a tentative order of three AW609s for the purpose of search and rescue. But the first customer will be from the United States Texas-based Era Group that can likely to receive two AW609s in 2020. In addition, another customer may belong to Japan as Nakanihon Air Service settled to study the market for the use of AW609 for disaster emergency response, news coverage and aeromedical services.

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Huawei CEO Confirms the news to sell 5G chips to Apple

Ren Zhengfei Confirms the news to sell Huawei 5G chips to Apple

CEO and founder of Huawei, Ren Zhengfei said that they are going to sell 5G and silicon chips to iphone maker Apple. It will mark a shift in the thinking of Chinese technology giants towards their own intellectual property. The largest networking equipment maker of the world stays in the consumer market for a comparatively short period along with its own-brand smartphones; however, it rose rapidly to hold the position of third-largest vendor due to its market share.

In the start Huawei uses to sell their smartphones at low-cost tags, however, during the last few years, it moved focus to increase its share in the market in the high market end, competing Samsung and Apple. As part of that scenario, the company established its own chips as well as a modem to gives the connectivity of 5G to the smartphones including a processor to power the devices. If we define 5G, it is a next generation internet mobile that transfers data rapidly and smartly rather than the 4G network. Up to now, these technology pieces only used in the devices of Huawei and it could change.

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Huawei CEO and founder, Ren Zhengfei confirmed during an interview that his company is considering to sell the 5G chips to world’s famous company Apple. Ren said that in this regard they are open to Apple. Whereas, the Ren Zhengfei gives the interview in the Mandarin language afterward it translated to English with the services of an official translator.

Interests of Apple with Huawei’s Tech

Apple has already its processor that why it not interested in buying Huawei Kirin 980 processor for its devices. On the other side, the 5G chip of Huawei would be of interest for Apple. Until now, Apple doesn’t release any device that supports 5G technology. In the past, Apple used modems from Intel and Qualcomm for its iPhones but silicon from the latter used in its latest devices. Qualcomm and Apple trapped in a chain of legal battles regarding patents.

Europe Moves on its way to Huawei and 5G

Qualcomm has a 5G supported modem, though until 2020 product of Intel don’t expect to hit the market. It clearly reflects that Huawei may become a possible alternative if Apple planned to release a 5G supported phone this year. When Apple asked about the release of the 5G smartphone, it declined to comment. Huawei is facing a significant political pressure right now especially from the U.S, as they declared Huawei as a national security risk due to the belief that the company could help the government of China to carry out undercover activities. Repeatedly Huawei denied all these allegations. Phones of Huawei not sold through the United States’ main telecom operators that’s why the company has tremendously small consumer occurrence in the U.S.

Father of Assange Emphasizes Govt. of Australia to Bring his Son Home

Assange's Father Emphasizes Govt. of Australia to Bring his Son Home

Father of Julian Assange requests the government of Australia to make efforts to bring his son back to home. During an interview with the newspaper of Australia, he called the govt to bring the founder of WikiLeaks home. Earlier in this week while his son arrests in London, John Shipton speaks for the first time. He added, he shocked to know that British police arrested his son at Ecuadorian Embassy. Shipton told that the way they were dragging down his son from the steps and it really hurts him. I am seventy-four, and he is just forty-seven, and it is such a big shock for him. Assange holed up in the embassy for about seven years, however, now on Thursday, Ecuador takes away his asylum.

Video Footage of Assange during his Arrest

A Video taken that reveals that Assange’s face full of heavily beard, he was shouting and waving while several police officers pushed him into a police van. Assange’s father Shipton stated that for many years he is living as similar to a high-security prisoner as he cannot go to the toilet for fulfilling his fundamental daily needs. There are a lot of cameras that are watching his each and every activity. He called on both Prime Minister Scott Morrison and the government of Australia to do some positive actions to help his son for escaping from this trouble, Shipton added.

Donald Trump Declares New Initiatives for 5G to win the Race

Comments of Shipton came after greater than seventy MPs called on Home Sectary of UK, Sajid Javid to hand over Assange to Sweden Authorities if that state reopens its inquiry into sexual assault and rape allegations and appeal his extradition. On the other hand, Assange negates the claims of Sweden. Also, he is facing extradition to the United States on an only charge of conspiring with the ex-Army intelligence analyst of US, Chelsea Manning to steal the secrets of the military.

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Repeatedly he denied all the charges. At present, Assange is under prison at London Belmarsh and is famous for holding high-profile extremists and terror suspects like Anjem Choudary and Abu Hamza. In Wales and England, the prison in southeast London is one of the just three high-security local prisons.

The lawyer of Assange said that he is not above from the law and never concerned about facing the justice of the United Kingdom or Sweden.

Donald Trump Declares New Initiatives for 5G to win the Race

President Trump Declares New Initiatives for 5G to win the Race

On last Friday, the American President Trump along with the FCC announced many initiatives to boost the network growth of 5G in the United States. He said that the 5G race starts and the U.S. must to win it. Furthermore, he stated that by the end of the year about ninety-two markets of 5G would be ready overtaking South Korea as it is expecting to have forty-eight markets live at the end of 2019. Trump praises American company by saying that their best companies now involved in this race to compete. After a few evaluations, it reveals that the wireless industry is planning to invest about 275 billion dollars in 5G networks. This massive investment will create three million instant American jobs, and it will add 500 billion dollars to the United States’ economy.

Impact of 5G on Technology Future

The future of technology will boost with the evolution of 5G as it is the next generation of wireless network and it will enhance the data speed more efficiently. On the other side, 4G LTE mostly targets tablets, smartphones, and computers. However, along with these devices 5G also expecting to assist more consistent connections to self-driving vehicles that required continuous data connections. Moreover, the smart cities also need internet of things devices like connected traffic lights, street lamps, and many others.

Verizon and AT&T already have pleasant 5G networks in the U.S. while Sprint and T-Mobile decided to activate their network at the end of the year. At present, in the United States, only one Motorola phone offered on Verizon supports 5G. President of U.S, Trump expressed that to incentivize and accelerates these investments his management is freeing up as the more wireless spectrum as required. Also, he told that they are removing regularity barriers to develop the networks. The FCC is putting extraordinary action for the first time in their history to make the availability of wireless spectrum. Spectrum is the airwaves networks use to deliver internet to the devices. The FCC regulates the spectrum space.

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FCC stated that starting on 10th December, they are going to offer the most significant spectrum auction in the history of their nation that allows carriers bid of a new spectrum on 3,400 MHz in the Upper 37 GHz, 39 GHz & 47 GHz bands of spectrum. FCC said that the other spectrum would motivate the 5G development, other advanced services regarding spectrum and the Internet of Things. In addition, the FCC planned new rules that allow Fixed-Satellite Service operators to provide more advanced and faster services to their customers via 50 GHz spectrum.

Upcoming Plans of FCC

The Chairman of FCC, Ajit Pai said that the future plan of the FCC is to create 20.4 billion dollars Rural Digital Opportunity fund to enhance high-speed broadband to more than four million homes together businesses with high-speed in rural America. Additionally, Pai expressed about the Huawei’s equipment crackdown for 5G network use across Europe and the United States. He added they believed that the reliability and security of 5G are categorically essential not because of state competitiveness, but also it’s a substance of national security.

For the First Time Largest Aeroplane of the World Flew

For the First Time World's Largest Plane Flew in the air

After many years of development in the north of Los Angeles, the world’s largest jet having six engines with American football field’s wingspan flew for the first time on Saturday morning. Jean Floyd, the CEO of Stratolaunch Systems said during a press conference that ‘they finally did it.’ He was delivering that news conference at Mojave Air and Space Port from the hanger. Furthermore, he expressed that that was an emotional time to watch the taking flight of this bird.

In 2011, Paul Allen, the late CEO of Systems founded Stratolaunch and he got to honor to take the world’s first test flight of the largest plane. Whereas, Jean Floyd said that he imagined that moment for many years, while he didn’t believe it without Paul Allen standing next to him. He added that he gives a private thank you to late Allen when the plane took the flight. At the age of 65, Allen died last October due to complications regarding non-Hodgkin’s lymphoma.

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In simple words, the aircraft Stratolaunch is a huge flying launch pad and intended to hurtle satellites into low orbit of Earth. It intends to offer NASA itself, private companies and even the military a more inexpensive way to approach into space. The business model for the company calls for allowing the satellites into space as politely as booking a flight of an airline.

Speed and Max Height of the Giant Aircraft

Evan Thomas, the test pilot of the jet, flew the aircraft at speed around 173mph and taking it to the heights about 15,000 feet before smooth returning and he safely came back after flight of about two and half hours. Thomas is also a former Air Force fighter pilot of F-16. He expressed that the overall experience of the world’s largest giant plane was fantastic.

The wingspan of the aircraft measures 385 feet, and they are wider than any other airplane on the earth. It is 238 feet long from the tip to tail. Moreover, the weight of the jet is half a million pounds. The plane has two cockpits, and itself plane is too big. A number of aerospace enthusiasts, photographers, and industry bloggers gathered to witness the exceptional twin-fuselage aircraft.

Co-founder of WikiLeaks Detained in London may facing Extradition to the U.S.

Co-founder of WikiLeaks Detained in London facing Extradition to the U.S.

Julian Assange, the co-founder of WikiLeaks, arrested at the Ecuadorian Embassy in London after about seven years he sought asylum at the Ecuadorian Embassy. There also may a chance that he may face extradition to the U.S. The Metropolitan Police of the United Kingdom confirmed that the officers arrested the WikiLeaks’ co-founder afterward the decision of the Ecuadorian government to withdraw refuge for the Nationality of Australia. The police officials said that immediately Assange would present before the Court of Westminster Magistrates after police take him to the central police station of London.

Reason to Arrest Julian Assange

Assange arrested by police because of failing to surrender to a court after Magistrate of Westminster court issued his warrant in June 2012. Later, the police updated further that his arrest relates to an extradition warrant on the authorities of the United States’ behalf. However, the attorney of Assange also confirmed the news that forty-seven years old WikiLeaks’ co-founder arrested on the request of extradition in addition to breaching bail conditions of the United Kingdom.

A directly familiar source with the present situation stated to the international news that the United States is planning to pursue Assange’s extradition from the United Kingdom along with sealed federal charges filed in Virginia’s Eastern District. The United States charged Julian Assange following the arrest with conspiracy to do the computer hacking.

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In 2012, the accused sought asylum in London at the embassy to avoid deportation to Sweden due to the sexual assault case. Two years before the government of Sweden issued a warrant for Assange due to the sexual assault and rape allegations from two women.

Assange Refuse to Leave Ecuadorian Embassy

On the other hand, Assange always refuses to leave the Embassy of Ecuadorian, and he claimed it extradited to the United States for questioning about the activities of WikiLeaks. The organization of activist became well-known for publishing secret information along with the news leaks that caused embarrassment for public officials and governments.

Mexican Border Might Close Because of Migration Surge – Trump

WikiLeaks tweeted their statement that Assange doesn’t walk out from the embassy. The ambassador of Ecuadorian invited the British police into the embassy, and he arrested immediately. Ecuador accused Julian Assange to leak President Lenin Moreno’s confidential information. No evidence provided by Moreno; however, the statement reflects ongoing strain among Assange and his hosts. Moreno lashed out at Assange after the arrest. According to Reuters, the spokesperson of Kremlin, Dmitry Peskov expressed that Moscow expected that the rights of Assange would not violated.

Founder of Xiaomi Received Bonus of One Billion Dollars

Founder of Xiaomi Received Bonus of One Billion Dollars

The Chief Executive and founder of smartphone’s company of China Xiaomi is at a stage where they are receiving a massive bonus of $1 billion for a year. The respected doing of Lei Jun is that he is donating all the bonus as a charity.

On Wednesday, in a regulatory filing, Xiaomi said that Jun is receiving a bonus of over 636.6 million shares for his services for the company. Moreover, in Hong Kong, the stock traded.

Huawei Denied to Share Data to Government of China

Based on the current price of the stock, it is almost $961 million or about 7.54 billion Hong Kong dollars. Xiaomi also stated that their CEO Lei Jun assured that he would donate all the shares as a charity after deducting taxes of the state.

On the other hand, the company did not mention the department where exactly that money they donate. There was not any representative of the firm to comment on this particular talk. Last July, Xiaomi go public in Hong Kong after that the stock fallen among the concerns for a slowdown in smartphone’s demand in China.

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Furthermore, Xiaomi also facing heavy competition with Apple (AAPL), Samsung and with its domestic rivals like Oppo, Vivo, and Huawei. According to the trackers of real-time wealth from Bloomberg and Forbes Lei has still worth 11 billion dollars and can have enough money to donate his money.