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NZ Banned Assault Rifles and Military-Style semi-auto Firearms

NZ to ban all assault arms, 'military-style semi-automatic weapons

The Prime Minister of NZ, Jacinda Ardern announces that from now the military-style semi-automatic weapons and assault rifles will be banned after the two offensive gun attacks on Muslim worshippers. The deadly attack killed fifty people and more than 40 people wounded critically and minor. The PM said that the history of New Zealand changed forever on 15th March and now their laws regarding security wand weapons changed also. She said that on behalf of all the citizens of New Zealand she announced to change the gun laws to make their country a safer place to live and visit. Ardern said all this during the press conference at Wellington, the capital of NZ.

All the progress has done after the successful cabinet meeting agreement to overhaul the gun laws and ban assault rifles & military-style semi-auto weapons. The meeting called within the 72 hours after the shooter attacked two Christchurch Mosques. PM continued that all the semi-automatic military-style weapons that used in the terror attack banned for an ordinary NZ citizen. The legislation will be drafted and hopefully would in place on 11th April.

Christchurch Dead Bodies Identified

On Thursday morning, the NZ Police officials announced that all the fifty dead bodies during the Mosque shooting identified. The Police Commissioner stated that after the identification process, all the victim’s dead bodies would sooner handover to their family members. Ardern announces that the countrywide reflection for the killed victims going to held on Friday, seven days after the bloody attack.

Amnesty Scheme for License Holders to Return Guns

In the first week of April 2019, the proposal of gun reforms will introduced to parliament. For its implementation, the policymakers required to vote on modifying the current legislation, the Arms Act of 1983. Patsy Reddy, the Governor General of New Zealand, signed the order to reclassify some of the semi-auto arms to semi-automatic and military-style weapons. In the result of this classification, several people who owned legally certain firearms will be no longer able to hold on their present license conditions.

To hand over the weapons to the officials of security, the amnesty will start from the coming Thursday. Kiwi’s cabinet directed the security officials to make a buyback scheme. Moreover, NZ’s Prime Minister stated that further details would share soon regarding the matter. While the Police Commissioner said that the certain gun owners would drop their guns at the police station for seeking the confirmed security to all the nationals.

Besides, the commissioner said that in the present environment he couldn’t emphasize enough as it is necessary that anyone cannot take his unlawful (previously lawful before today) weapons anywhere without informing the police authorities. He expressed that it is definitely essential that they manage to organize and safe movement of all the firearms into the custody of police.

The Australian Law Model

During her talk, Jacinda Ardern also points out similar actions taken in Australia by following the 1996 Port Arthur brutal slaughter of several peoples as an example for her country to follow. Stuart Nash, the police Minister of NZ, said that the bill would contain narrow exemptions for the defense and police forces, moreover also for business uses like professional pest control. He added that few guns used for the purpose of legitimate in their communities of farmers. Observing that exemptions had done for 22-caliber shotguns and rifles that used for hunting duck.

Nash told that they would take immediate action to stop people from weapon’s stockpiling due to the change in the gun law as well as measures needed to encourage the owners of guns to surrender their firearms to the state police. On the other side, after the implementation of a similar ban in Australia, the state destroyed over a million weapons. Also, amnesty scheme announced for the existing unlawful gun-owners. In the year 2018, about 57,000 weapons returned to the authorities including World War II machine gun and a rocket launcher.

After the gun-law reforms in Australia, the shootings of mass dropped to zero and suicides with guns dropped with an average of 4.8% per year. Also, the homicides through weapons declined with 5.5% per year average.

NZ community Welcomed Gun Controls

For stricter gun legislation after the terror attack at Christchurch Mosques, nation gives the groundswell support. According to TVNZ, about 70k citizens of New Zealand signed the petitions to call the reforms regarding gun control. Outside the parliament in Wellington, the crowd gathered on Thursday apart from the political differences to convey those petitions to the cabinet members. The Police Association of New Zealand greeted the scheduled law changes and congratulated the government for showing the courage to take decisive action and ban the weapons that hurt the peace of the country.

In a statement, the association president Chris Cahill said that the positive steps instantly attract support over cross-party for the reason that it has vital importance for NZ nationals to know that their political leaders are on the same page on this particular move. In another statement issued by the Lobby group Federated Farmers, they backed the decision to make the gun-laws tougher but acknowledged that several of its members are not supporting its decision.

the Feds Rural Security Spokesperson’s Statement

Miles Anderson, the Feds Rural Security spokesperson said that some of their members didn’t back the decision, but after the intense debate of one week and careful thought by the elected staff and representatives, they consider it the only practicable solution. He said that they are trying to tread an accountable path. They didn’t want to allow the illegal guns into the wrong hands. Furthermore, Simon Bridges, the opposition leader said that his party fully supports the decision to restrict the gun-laws.

The opposition party gives their statement that the terrorist attack on Muslim worshippers changed them as a nation. They said that it is much clear that they support the positive changes to the regime and they will work usefully with their government. New Zealand’s Council of Licensed Weapons Owners stated in the FB post that after considering these implementations, they would deliver a statement immediately.

NZ Prime Minister Demands to Fight Globally Against Racism

Jacinda Ardern for Fight Globally Against Racism

After the deadly terror attack on Muslim worshipers in New Zealand killing 50 people including children, women and men, the worldwide community condemns the incident collectively. The horrible killing done due to the racism thought against one religion. The decisive point is in all this happening is that the NZ Prime Minister Ardern called the worldwide fight to eliminate the ideology of racist from the whole world. In an interview with the international media, she said that she didn’t believe that racism fueled with the rise in immigration.

On last Wednesday, the first funeral of son and father from Syria took place. Hundreds and thousands of people grouped at a cemetery, which near to the targeted Mosque during the attack to express their grief to the victims and their families. Till now, the ruthless killer charged only with murder instead of terrorism and other charges.

Jacinda Ardern Vision Against Racism

A question about the increase in the nationalism, she expressed that the shooter was Australian national. However, it not means that they don’t have an ideology in New Zealand that would offend the mainstream of the New Zealanders. She wished that if it exists anywhere, it should weed out from there and she confirmed that they never back that environment where it can glow more.

She added that she would like to make the worldwide call to root-out racism anywhere from the world. Ardern said that New Zealand faced violence by someone other who learned and grew up their ideology else somewhere. The Prime Minister also stated that they couldn’t think in terms of boundaries if they want to ensure that they are safe, inclusive and tolerant globally. Jacinda Ardern termed her state as a welcoming country as they accept the record refuges. PM also wished not to call the accused with the name. The killer wants to call him with notoriety which is one among his goals, whereas, the NZ Government absolutely deny him.

Latest Development in the Christchurch Shootings

The police officials of New Zealand named six of the fifty victims during the killing attack at Al Noor Mosque in Christchurch. They are hopeful that they will deliver all the fifty dead bodies of victims to their families by the end of the day. According to them the examinations regarding post-mortem of the deceased were complete. On the other side, some of the families show their frustration due to the delay in the dead body’s delivery process of their loved one. Likewise, a complaint from 23 years old boy Mohammad Safi received that authorities are giving lack of the information about her died father Matiullah.

Death Toll Increased to 50 in Mosque Terror Attack

Christchurch Terrorist Brenton Tarrant Appeared in Court

Modifications in the Gun Laws after New Zealand Cabinet Meeting

The young boy expressed that the officials are just saying that they are going through their regular procedures. But why they are not telling what the process they are adopting for the identification of the bodies. Mike Bush, the Police Commissioner, said that the authorities needed to prove the reason for the death to launch the case in courts as a murder. Officials of Christchurch city delivered strict guidance to the media reporters for the Wednesday’s funerals. Moreover, they requested them to stay away from the families and left them alone to spend the last moments of their loved ones peacefully.

A new 46-Story Tower at Times Square to Built

new 46-Story Tower at times square as giant LED billboard

Time Squares in New York has its own identity and is famous as an entertainment and tourist point. More than 380,000 pedestrians walk through from Times Square in a single day. The work on the project started due to which the Times Square will glow up. As it is known TSX Broadway, will be a branded beacon forty-six floors of retail, accommodation, and entertainment. At Broadway and Seventh Avenue, the building on the corner of 47th Street, at present houses a Double Tree Hilton Hotel which will be going to restore. And now, going to lift 300 feet more to accommodate a retail outlet at the experimental level.

The high floors will include the performance stage above Times Square, a hotel including more than 600 rooms and a restaurant with a big terrace. A senior vice president at developer L&L Holding Company, David Orowitz said that the whole building would have a look of giant advertisement billboard. He further said that the entire building is basically a sign of advertisement and the side towards Times Square is only a sign consists of LEDs in the buildings that cover the whole 46 story building.

Demolition of Hotel and Hiring of Ex-ad exec

At present, the homework for the hotel demolition is under process. The administrators are trying to find an adviser that will assist it in retrieving a few of the 2.5 billion dollars that raised for the construction of new building. It is an estimate that the new building will complete and inaugurate in 2022 (after three years). Tribeca Film Festival’s CEO and ex-ad exec, Andrew Essex hired to discuss a deal with one customer to promote on the behemoth. It also includes the building naming rights, the entertainment spaces, the retail, and the billboards.

US Going to become Threat for World’s Largest Oil Exporter

Essex stated that he is expecting to sign the deal in this year which consists of experimental mega arena part, part Super Bowl, social network part and part center of commerce. Andrew Essex added that it must be a brand that has the entertainment value right. People would prefer to stay at home and watch Netflix if the event didn’t become extra exciting. The value of the deal isn’t disclosed by the company; however, only naming rights to be likely to run into millions of dollars. For example, the rights to the home of the NFL’s Atlanta Falcons, Mercedes Benz Stadium and this year’s host Super Bowl testified to have amount 324 million dollars during more than 28 years.

5G and the Data

The most significant part of the tower is data along with the integration of 5G which is helpful for the further complex advertising ways. Retailers already used the technology of location tracking that serves up ads to customers after they left the store. Augmented reality technology will help the people to watch the performances on their smartphones if their device held in front of the TSX stage.

Modifications in the Gun Laws after New Zealand Cabinet Meeting

Modifications in the Gun Laws after the NZ Cabinet Meeting

Australian national Tarrant killed 50 Muslims and several injured with his horrible shooting attack during the Friday Prayer in the Mosques of NZ. Nine people still hospitalized in critical condition. He equipped with the latest modified guns with the help of which he took many innocent lives. The killer appeared before the court one day after his terror activity. Modern and modified guns in the hands of a usual citizen raise a lot of questions for the current gun laws in New Zealand. The police officials also confirmed that the shooter used military-style assault altered guns to have a more deadly impact. The NZ’s Prime Minister, Ardern called the meeting for the gun reforms in the country, and she assured for the change in the laws.

After the cabinet meeting, Ms. Ardern called a press conference in which she said that hopefully, they would share the details about the reforms in the gun laws on 25th March. She further stated that within ten days of the deadly terrorist act they announced the reforms regarding the gun-laws. And she believes that those reforms will surely make their state safer from other terrorist activities. Furthermore, Ardern expressed that they have made a decision as a cabinet and they are unified. In an announcement, the prime minister told that an investigation would see into the lead-up violence and most probably have done uniquely.

School Children and Public Held Vigils near Mosque

Several public vigils held across all over New Zealand for condemning the attacks on Muslim worshippers and also further are planning in this week. On Monday, around 3,000 college and high school students made a vigil in Hagley Park which is adjacent to the Al Noor Mosque, the targeted place of the shooter.

One day later, the Prime Minister of NZ, Andern stated that the accused person got the gun license in November 2017 and he was the owner of five guns. Today, in the morning, Gun City, the gun retailer said that he sold the weapons to the shooter. But among them, there was not a high powered gun, the shooter himself modified the firearms. Whereas, Radio NZ reported that the police association of New Zealand demands to ban the semi-automatic weapons. Previously, the tries to restrict the laws regarding gun have failed because of hunting culture and the influential gun lobby.

The police commissioner said that the level of the threat throughout the country remains high. And for the sake of comfort level to every individual in the country the police and emergency service partners will continue to stay alert in coming few consecutive weeks.

Current Gun Laws in New Zealand

  • To own a gun license the legal minimum age is sixteen or eighteen for military-style semi-auto guns.
  • In the country, about 1.5 million individual-owned guns.
  • All gun owners must have a license whereas, many individual firearms not need to be registered. And it is among one of those few countries where it is ruling.
  • Military-style semi-automatic weapons must need to be in the record. However, critics take it as a loophole in the law because they required only minor modification (such as it attained only by placing a low caliber magazine) to avoid this requirement.
  • The applicants to acquire firearms license must need the clearance of criminal and medical background records.
  • Once an individual got the permit, he can buy weapons what he wants.

Death Toll Increased to 50 in Mosque Terror Attack

Death toll increased to 50 in deadly mosque shooting in New Zealand

The police of New Zealand confirmed the death figures in the Mosque’s shooting attack to fifty after one more death. The dead body of the 50th dead victim found from the Al Noor Mosque, and it is the place where most of the innocent Muslims murdered. Police Commissioner of New Zealand Mike Bush stated to reporters that they discovered the 50th dead victim when they are removing the dead bodies from the Mosque. The names of the victims not shared publicly. However, the victim’s preliminary list shared with the casualty’s families. Bush stated that the bodies of the departed persons had not been hand over to their families.

Furthermore, the Commissioner expressed that the figure of wounded persons also increased to fifty. Among these fifty, thirty-four are still in the Christchurch Hospital for medical treatment, whereas, twelve are in serious condition. Twenty-eight years old Brenton Tarrant, the only accused person in the custody of police in the current terrorist attack. Bush said that three other persons who initially arrested were not part of the whole deadly shooting, but the officials are not ruling out of the risk of other suspects. The police commissioner told that he is not saying anything definite until they categorically convinced as to exactly how many persons or group involved in the whole scenario. But they are hopeful that in the coming few days they will able to give the exact facts.

Death toll increased to 50 in deadly mosque shooting in New Zealand

Before the Attack, Manifesto of the Suspect emailed

The shooter sent the manifesto consists of 87 pages to the Prime Minister of the New Zealand Ardern through email before few minutes of the attack. Chief press secretary of Prime Minister, Andrew Campbell stated to the international media that the email received on the generic email account. Staff are responsible for maintaining that email account that’s why that specific email was not in the knowledge of the Prime Minister.

Moreover, the terrorist posted that particular document on his social media account before he starts his terrorist activity. The paper was full of anti-Muslim and anti-immigrant screeds, whereas, the officials refused to talk over the potential objectives of the shooter attack. Brenton Tarrant who have only one murder charge showed a hand gesture during his hearing before the court that associated with white supremacists. He will reappear before the court on 5th April and should remain in the custody of police.

The PM of New Zealand accepted that her Prime Minister Office received Tarrant’s hateful email just nine minutes before the shooting activity in Al Noor Mosque. Though, time, location or any other specific details not mentioned in the concerned email from the killer. Furthermore, within two minutes after reading the email, the information was handover to the security department.

Some Refuges are Also among the Victims in New Zealand

Among people innocent people killed during the Mosque attack, a Pakistani academic, Syrian refugee was also among them, his family and non-profit organizations confirmed his death. In 2018, Khaled Mustafa, Syrian refugee along with his family migrated to New Zealand for the reason they believe that it is a safe place to live. Along with his two sons, he was in the mosque for offering the Friday prayer when the shooter approaches the mosque to shoot the bare people. His elder son Hamza Mustafa murdered, and he was just 14, whereas, the life of his younger son remained to save and he got wounds in the result of the shooting.

Six Pakistanis Also Killed During the Attack

The people killed and wounded had different nationalities from all around the world. The spokesman for Pakistani Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Mohammad Faisal said that there are about six Pakistanis who lost their lives in the bloody incident. Naeem Rashid and his son Talha Rashid are also among those six dead Pakistanis; he was fifty years old, and his son was just 21 years old. Naeem’s elder brother Dr. Khurshid Alam said that his brother used to teach at a University and his nephew was studying.

The Pakistani foreign minister, Shah Mahmood Qureshi confirmed the death figures of Pakistani nationals. Besides, he assured sympathies and any support to the families of the victims from the Government of Pakistan. Also, he tweeted with the promise to give excellent facilities to the best of their abilities.

Survivors of the Deadly Attack start conveying Message to others to save their Lives

According to the survivors, they tried to dodge the suspect and afterward two community police officers who equipped with arms, end the violence by forcing the shooter to stop his vehicle beside the road. A survivor, named Ahmed Khan after escaping from the gunman rushed to the mosque to inform others to save their lives. He further explained that he found his friend inside the friend; he was bleeding because he shot in the arm. Survivor advised him to stay calm and relaxed because the police reached there. But unfortunately, at that moment, shooter again come from the window and shot his friend back in the head. After that bullet, his friend died at the spot in his lap while he was holding him.

The horror part of the whole incident was the online stream of the shooter during the happening. He reached Al Noor Mosque which was his first shooting location where he shot his first hunt with a semi-auto gun.

The Accused Traveled in Several Countries including Pakistan and Turkey

New Zealand Prime Minister Ardern said that the killer Tarrant is an Australian national who was living in Dunedin which was about 225 miles from Christchurch. He visited many countries around the world, and he was in New Zealand occasionally. The authorities said that there is no criminal history of the suspect in Australia or New Zealand. That why the intelligence community didn’t notice anything negative about his extremist views.

Death toll increased to fifty in deadly mosque shooting


The owner of the Pakistani hotel in Nagar said that the shooter visited Pakistan in October 2018. He told that Tarrant was his regular customer and visited his hotel frequently. According to his memories, the killer was a fan of local Pakistani food. During his stay in his hotel, he left in the morning and came back in the evening.

On the other side, a senior Turkish official stated that the shooter visited Turkey several times and spend a prolonged period there. The Turkish officials said that they are investigating the moments and contacts of the suspect during his stay in the country. Officials also stated that the accused might also visit other countries in Asia, Africa, and Europe.

Threat towards Turkish President

In the documentary shared file of the suspect, he shows his extremist intentions to assassinate Turkish President Tayyab Erdogan by saying that he must be bleed his last. Officials were investigating either Tarrant in Turkey to do a terror attack or/and for the murder of the Turkish President, the Turkish state broadcaster, citing Turkish authorities stated. The President of Turkey tweeted on his official account and condemned New Zealand’s attack. He further expressed that the recent activity is the latest example of rising Islamophobia and racism.

Policy Changes Might Expect regarding Gun License

The Prime Minister of New Zealand Ardern communicated with the reporters and ensured them that the gun laws in his country would change. She made a promise and reaffirmed on this particular issue. She said that their cabinet would meet on Monday which will discuss the preliminary policy regarding the gun and weapons. Moreover, Ardern conveyed that their future actions will reflect the difference in the case to make their country racism-free state.

Christchurch Terrorist Brenton Tarrant Appeared in Court

Masjid Al-Noor attack New Zealand

During the Friday prayer in New Zealand, a white terrorist ‘Brenton Tarrent’ killed about 49 gun-less innocent Muslims with his licensed gun. Tarrent is an Australian National Christian and is about 28 years old. Today, he appeared in court, but he charged only with a single murder charge. It is a hope that further charges expected to be done against him. The shameful activity which he did is not just an individual act, and it is a terror attack on a religion i-e Islam. During the violence, the Bangladesh cricket team was also there in one of those targeted Mosques. Luckily, all the players of the team remained saved during all this cruel activity.

terrorist attack on Al Noor Mosque in central Christchurch
killing about 49 innocent Muslims

Prime Minister of New Zealand Jacinda Ardern stated the shooter loaded with five guns and he had the license of firearms. She further added that their laws regarded to guns would change soon. Ardern called the Christchurch attack as an act of terror. Whereas, police take two other persons in their custody, but there is no already criminal record about them. During the case hearing in the court, white nationalist extremist Tarrant stood quiet and didn’t say anything about his brutal act. He is due to appear again in front to the court on 5 April and should remain in custody without plea. On the other side, officials of the country still carrying out the process of identification of the incident victims. Daoud Nabi a 71-year-old Afghani person was the first person who identified publically from victims.

Modified Guns used in the Attack

The New Zealand PM stated that the guns used the attacker used for terrorist attacks seemed to be, and the car of the white attacker was full of weapons. One can see in the video of the attacker that his vehicle loaded with the modern weapons which reflects that he has planned to continue his terrible act. Arden said while in a press conference that the suspect got the gun license in November 2017 and by using it he purchased the weapons which he used during the killing of innocent Muslims.

The Attorney General of New Zealand, David Parker stated that the government is thinking to take steps to ban the semi-auto arms. But the final decision regarding the ban not made till now. In the past, due to the influential gun lobby and hunting culture in the state, the attempts to restrict the laws of the gun failed.

Reactions of New Zealand Citizens on Horrible Attack

Today, it means the two days after the shooting attack on Muslims people from all over the country come to demonstrate their rejection towards the hate attack. People were coming individually and in groups in Hagley Park to show their deep sorrow to the victims of the incident. On a broader note, people putting the flowers and written notes outside both Mosques to express their unity with the sufferers and the Muslim community. One of them left the handwritten note that this is not New Zealand, and it reflects that people look at their country as a peaceful state and treating all the religion’s followers on a similar note.

Reactions of New Zealand Citizens on Horrible Attack

During the protest and shows support towards fatalities and their families, a group of young men start singing their traditional Maori song with closed eyes and bowed heads. Mayor of the Christchurch city believed that the shooter as well as the killer approaches the city with his heart full of hate and to do the terrorist activity. However, she said that the whole happening doesn’t reflect anything about the city administration.

Instead of all this, several questions are raising about the authorities and officials of the city after this occurrence. Now, the killer is in the custody of the police, and he openly accepted that he is in support of white supremacy. For months, he was planning to make the attacks, but the grief is that he was not in the watch list of any police station. It is a question mark on the officials that he had not faced any trouble to get the gun license nor he feel any difficulty to buy the heavy mechanical weapons.

The Terrorist Not in the Eyes

Ms. Ardern said that the terror attack suspect traveled many countries in the world along with infrequent visits in New Zealand deprived of identifying him formally. Further, she said that the intelligence services of New Zealand are doing investigations to remove the extremists from the country. But unfortunately, the individual committed the murders of many innocent people of specific religion do not attain any attention from the intelligence officials and the state police.

It is also shameful that before the terror attacks, the killer posted a lengthy racist document mentioning the Mosques, where he was going to attack. But none of the security officials noticed the unethical activity of Brenton Tarrant on his social media account. One can also see from his video during the attack that he was killing the innocent and bare Muslims comfortably during Friday Prayer. For several minutes he was doing the shit activity openly in and out of both Mosques. But there was not a single security person who appears during the whole attack of Christchurch. The suspect expressed that after visiting Europe in 2017 and seeing the events occurs there, and he planned to make the attacks.

How Terror Activity Happens

The shooter drove to the religious place of Muslims, parked his vehicle nearby on the road and start firing in the Al Noor Mosque in central Christchurch during the prayer of Friday. He rushed inside the Mosque and opened up the fire at men, women and even on children for about five minutes. He identified himself in the video which he lives streamed with the head-mounted camera. After that, the suspect drove his car about five kilometers to another Mosque, where he started the second shooting session of innocent Muslims. Police authorities give their statement that they recovered firearms from both targeted Mosques. They also take explosive devices from one of the suspects’ car into their custody.

terrorist attack on Al Noor Mosque in central Christchurch

The Gun Laws in New Zealand

  • For military style semi-auto weapons, the least allowed age to own a weapon (gun) is sixteen or eighteen.
  • New Zealand is one of the few states in which all the owners of firearms must have the license, but there is no need to register many of the individual weapons.
  • It is essential for Applicant of a license for firearms to pass a background check of medical and criminal records.

Once an individual got a license, he can buy several weapons as he wants.

US Going to become Threat for World’s Largest Oil Exporter

United States Going to become Threat for World’s Largest Oil Exporter

According to the International Energy Agency (IEA), United States is going to start export oil more than Russia, and it’s a threat for the KSA as the US is going to become the world’s top oil exporter by 2024 overcoming Saudi Arabia.

The forecast from the IEA comes just a few weeks after the United States exported 3.6 million barrels of crude-oil per day which a convincing itself. Moreover, the state exports also petroleum products of five million bpd containing refined fuels such as gasoline. In the yearly five-year oil outlook IEA said that those shipments would rush in the upcoming years as production of crude oil from the shale fields of the nation continues to boom. An advisor to oil producers and consumers from Paris taking the United States crude output already at a record twelve million bpd, rising by an additional four million bpd up-to 2024.

Faith Birol about US 2nd Shale Revolution Wave

Faith Birol, International Energy Agency Executive Director, stated that the second wave of the United States shale revolution is approaching. The U.S. accounts for 70% of the rise in worldwide production of oil, and few seventy-five percent of the expansion in trade of LNG will see in the upcoming five years. It will surely stir the international trade flows of gas and oil along with profound implications for the geopolitics of energy.

US beats Saudi Arabia and Russia as Oil Producer

In 2018, the United States beat Russia and Saudi Arabia to become the biggest oil producer worldwide. Moving forward in the market of export would additionally erode their presence in the market of oil. In recent years, coordinating production of oil between OPEC and other oil-producing states, Russians and Saudis have made an alliance. The supposed alliance plus OPEC has overlaid output for about last two years, assisting to boost the prices of oil afterward punishing downturn.

IEA adds, over the next five years most of the output progress from OPEC comes from Iraq. International Energy Agency has faith that Iraq will become the third most significant source of new supply all over the world which will help for the offset production drops in Venezuela and Iran. In the group’s views, the world will want that supply.

Trade Deal between China and the US Comes Near

IEA thinks that there are no signs that the growing demand for oil will peak in the upcoming years. During the coming five years, the appetite of the world for oil will rise with an average of 1.2 million bpd, approximately in line with current trends of growth. Whereas, it also seen by IEA that electric cars and fuel efficiency draining gasoline demands. Even the growing petrochemicals and fuel consumption of jets will balance somewhat weakness at the pump. In addition to Iraq and the United States, the group sees the countries such as Norway, Guyana, and Brazil fulfilling the oil demands.

99 Tea Workers Killed with Toxic Alcohol in Assam State

99 Tea Workers Killed drinking Toxic Alcohol in Assam State

According to the officials of Indian state Assam, there are about 99 death penalties occur due to drinking toxic bootleg alcohol. Moreover, above 100 people hospitalized due to toxic alcohol drinking and all people were working on tea plantations. A similar incident happened in the northern states of Uttarakhand and Uttar Pradesh a few days back when 100 people killed due to drinking tainted spirits.

After this terrible incident, an inquiry settled to investigate the tragedy. According to the Golaghat district’s administrator in Assam Dhiren Hazarika said that the first victim of this case died on Thursday. All victims worked in tea plantations in Jorhat and Golaghat district. One undergoing treatment worker told that he was at a tea plantation on Thursday when this incident occurred.

Police Superintendent in district Golaghat, Pushkar Singh stated that police had found the place where the toxic liquor prepared and they recovered one and a half liters of that liquor. Whereas, the place was liquor making was basically a home.

According to the doctors treating these victims, they are mystified due to the ingredients used in the toxic alcohol that is causing human organ failure. Furthermore, the team of experts also reached the tragedy place from Guwahati to analyze the mixture and examine its ingredients.

Dr. Ratul Bordoloi, joint director of Golaghat’s health department, gives their statement that the when the tea workers came to the hospital, they were in a condition of severe vomiting, breathlessness, and extreme chest pain.

Victim of Toxic Alcohol Views

A victim of toxic alcohol expressed that he bought a liter of wine and drank it before taking a meal. At the start, everything was going normal, but with the passage of some time, his head started hurting seriously. The headache started severely enough that he could not eat or sleep. Until the morning, he felt restless, and chest pain started. After that situation his wife took him to the tea plantation hospital; afterward, he referred to the hospital at the district level.

Police stated that the authorities arrested one man for selling this harmful alcohol and officials said that two officials of the excise department suspended for failing to take adequate precautions for the alcohol’s sale in their regions. Both these current and last week’s alcohol drinking death cases, the death tolls may calculate to be higher than the 2011 incident in West Bengal. In the West Bengal’s occurrence, there were above 170 people become the death victims when they ingested bootleg alcohol.

Complaint filed by 16 States against Trump’s National Emergency Declaration

Complaint against Trump’s National Emergency Declaration

On Monday, 16 states of America filed a complaint against the American President Trump’s national emergency declaration. Xavier Becerra, Californian Attorney General is leading the group of 16 states filed a lawsuit in the United States Northern District Court of California.

Becerra gives his statement that they are trying to stop Donald Trump from violating the Constitution, thieving money from the citizens of America and its states that allotted Congress lawfully and from the separation of powers. There are sixteen states involved the lawsuit and their attorney generals from the states of Connecticut, Virginia, Illinois, Colorado, Maryland, Maine, New Jersey, Delaware, New York, Michigan, Nevada, Hawaii, Oregon, New Mexico, Minnesota, and Connecticut.

Challenges and Trump Administration

Trump administration is facing this hottest challenge whereas, they are already facing law complaints about the emergency declaration at the national level. Each complaint has a focus on the argument that Trump administration is bypassing Congress to fund the US-Mexico border wall by emergency declaration.

According to Staff attorney of the ACLU’s NSP (National Security project) Dror Ladin, the Constitution assigns the power of the purse to Congress and in the past not any other US president tried to use the authority of emergency to back a selected project, domestic projects on a large scale against the will of Congress.

Xavier Becerra claimed that the money appropriated to the states might them at risk due to which states challenged Donald Trump. He further expressed that if the assigned money to different states is stealing by the president in terms of various other purposes, in result the people of those states are being harmed. It was expected that the wave of lawsuits would start and it is difficult for the Trump administration to fight them in court.

Trump Declares National Emergency

The President of the United States Trump declares a national emergency and unlock a supply of funds by invoking specific statutory authority because the National Emergencies Act allowed him. The US President has wide discretion about the end of the national emergency. Thus, according to the legal experts to fight the declaration on an emergency basis, itself supposed to difficult. Another raised question is that whether the statue Trump has withdrawn and in this case, he needs the use of armed forces to fund the wall.

Under the emergency declaration, the Trump administration will sign $2.5 billion for narcotics military funding and $3.6 billion for the financing of military construction. Patrick Shanahan, acting United States Defense Secretary stated that he would going to start the study those projects to pull from and find whether barriers of the border are essential to back the use of the armed forces.

Stephen Miller, the White House adviser, gives a signal that if the lawmakers tried to dismiss the declaration than Trump will use his first veto of the presidency. Robert Chesney who served at the University of Texas said that any type of National emergency could stay for one year then have to terminate. President has the authority to renew the declaration but 90 days before the termination.

Once Again North Korea Building Long-range Rocket Site

North Korea is making efforts to rebuild the long-range rocket site

According to new commercial imagery and researcher’s analysis at Beyond Parallel that North Korea is making efforts to rebuild the long-range rocket site as soon as possible at Sohae Launch Facility. In the past, Sohae Satellite Launching Station was the only North Korean operational space launch facility for satellite launches. The technology used in these launches is similar to those that applied for intercontinental ballistic missiles.

Stategedy of North Korea

An analyst said that the present activity done after the two days of the inconclusive Hanoi Summit among North Korean leader Kim Jong Un and American President Donald Trump. It specifies the plans of North Korea to reveal resolve in the face of United States rejection to the demands of North Korea at the summit to lift five United Nation Security Council sanctions enacted in 2016-17. A report from NBC News beyond Parallel a project backed by the defense think tank (CSIS) Center for Strategic & International Studies, previously recognized missile sites in North Korea.

Victor Cha about the Activity in Report

On March 2, the activity at Sohae beyond Parallel reports is a piece of evidence at the vertical engine stand test and the pad’s rail-mounted rocket transfer structure launch. One of the authors of the report, Victor Cha said that the action they are doing now is steady with preparations for a test. Whereas the imagery hence far does show not a missile being switched to the launch pad. Cha also stated that the activity on the ground shows us that they do not have an ability (nuclear intercontinental ballistic missile) that is not only in the developmental but also in the phase of the prototype. Few of these they already tested and seems like they are organizing the launch pad for another action.

When Press Secretary of White House, Sarah Sanders asked to say something on this, she replied that they do not comment on intelligence. In June 2018, after the initial summit among the two leaders in Singapore, North Korea started to dismantle few facilities at Sohae. Since August 2018, the facility has been dormant reflecting that the going activity is purposeful and deliberate.

Movement of Heavy Vehicles

However, other researches including analysis from 38 North reflects that there has been regular low-level activity at the site of interim. The posted photos of the satellite from October 31, 2018, displaying new equipment being installed and the constant presence & vehicle moments at numerous buildings of the headquarters. At the same day U.S. President Donald Trump stated the talks with Kim in Hanoi as very productive; furthermore, he said that the two leaders have made the historical process excessive. In a speech at the Conference of Conservative Political Action, he said that he had to walk. For the reason that every once in a while, you have to walk as the deal wasn’t a deal that was satisfactory to him.

However, President Trump said that the one mechanism they have, though they have no missiles going up, no testing, no nuclear testing and no rockets going up. He expressed that they have made a lot of progress.